I have two layer images imported from lightroom, one underexposed for the background sunset and one overexposed for the subject. How do I make adjustments to the layer mask selection itself without it effecting the entire layer image? I would like to get it exposed just right in Photoshop first before doing Lightroom edits, if possible.

PS Screenshot:

enter image description here

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What you want to use is Clipping Mask. Create your Adjustment Layer directly above whatever layer you want it applied to then hold Alt and click between the two layers in your layer panel.


I'm not sure what you goal is (mind explaining a little more what you need to do?), but here's something you can try from what I think your goal is.

Here's your normal set up as of now:

enter image description here

  • Two images (one overexposed and one underexposed)
  • The top image has a layer mask. In your post you have make adjustments to the layer mask selection itself without it effecting the entire layer image

To do that you can just make the Layer Mask a selection in your image by right clicking over the layer mask and choosing Add Mask to Selection (or using a cool shortcut, in Windows it's by pressing Ctrl key and clicking on layer mask).

enter image description here

The result is:

enter image description here

Now any changes you apply to the image will only affect the part that is selected.

enter image description here

I don't really know if this is what you want because even if you did make adjustment to the whole image, it would be ok because the layer mask is only going to show the part you want. In my example, the girl, in yours I think it's the background.

Hope this helps set you in the right path.

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