How can I achieve the faded transparency look that appears throughout this poster?

enter image description here

  • Not sure what exactly you are referring to but try applying a clipping mask with a gradient. – user2875404 Oct 9 '16 at 22:35

As always, there are many ways to do this effect.

First one, the easiest "cheating" way. Just create the object, from brush library select chalk-Charcoal (or download similar one) and paint over the object. enter image description here

Second one, easier "I Don't have time for that" way. Use photoshop, make gradient, use "cloud" filter or sponge eraser. After that just import it into Illustrator and trace it. Then you can skip it, rotate, skeeve and change colour. OR you can use it as mask (be careful as this is a complex object and Il may not mask properly or at all). enter image description here

And the third way, easy "I got things to do and places to be" kind of. Just take the picture you created in previous one in photoshop. Slap it on object and use transparency. enter image description here

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This could have been made with some cloudy texture being clipping masked with a different color toward the ends of each fade.

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