I recently moved from Paint Tool SAI to Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. I'm confused on how to control the opacity of the vector.

There's the "Width Tool" to control the width on any point on the vector, but there's no option to control the opacity on any point on the vector.

Is this impossible to do in Illustrator or am I missing something? Any help will be appreciated!

EDIT: I'm talking about making the lines look tapered through transparency to mimic inking, not making the WHOLE vector line more transparent but just a part of it

  • Opacity = Transparency. Check Illustrator's online help.
    – Jongware
    Oct 10 '16 at 18:05
  • No there is no easy way to do this.
    – joojaa
    Oct 10 '16 at 18:54

Menu/window/Transparency then in transparency window change there the opacity.enter image description here

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