Is it possible for two people work on the same Indesign document?

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This depends on what you mean.

  • You can have multiple people work on a Book each working on separate sections.
  • You can also have multiple people now work on copy using InCopy.
  • You can NOT have multiple people working on the same part of a book file, which is a good thing. It would be a nightmare.

Unfortunately InDesign has no realtime collaborative working feature.

If you need to work in a magazine or something like this that usually sports several people working at the same product, things you can do are:

  • Split up your work into multiple INDD files, eg. one file per story. Then merge the individual files into an InDesign book.

  • And now in CC we got InCopy, in which you edit stories without actually having to open the InDesign files.

  • InCopy is not new :) It has been around since 2003 - albeit as a separate product.
    – Jongware
    Oct 20, 2016 at 18:01

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