I have been looking for a way to bend and animate an object along a path and I stumbled upon the Omino plugin [omino snake to be precise] and after preparing the scene I realized nothing's happening [ :)) ].

I can't get it to work while the plugin doesn't give any errors. Everything is set in place, I have the path as a mask on a solid and the objects that I want to animate inside a pre-comp, exactly as needed.

Almost all of the options of the omino snake plugin do nothing, the only thing that works is the clear background feature.

Is there a way to fix this? Is there something else I need to do? Or is there another way to animate and bend something along a path?

enter image description here

PS: Copying a Mask Path and pasting it over the Position of the pre-comp won't help cause it will animate it along the path but it can't bend it.

PSS: Using the Puppet Pin Tool to shape the pre-comp in the final position and animating the pre-comp contents isn't exactly a nice way to do it cause the Puppet Pin Tool is hard to manoeuvre and often the final result isn't satisfying.


The closest I could get to something decent is using the Puppet Pin tool and transform each pin into a Bone inside Duik and rigging it as a tail. But for some reason, animating this will produce artefacts :

enter image description here

  • did you ever find a solution for this? Would you mind posting an answer if yes?
    – Luciano
    Commented Dec 22, 2017 at 15:32
  • #Luciano Yes I did! I will post an answer these days! I am on holiday leave right now and can't get access to my files to put a propper answer
    – Alin
    Commented Dec 28, 2017 at 9:54
  • @Alin any update?
    – Welz
    Commented Nov 4, 2018 at 23:47

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From 26m30s of this School of Motion tutorial is an explanation of using Omino Snake to bend a brush stroke along a path.

May be of use.


  • 1
    Please consider adding an excerpt of the technique demonstrated in the video you're linking to. As-is, your answer is totally dependent on the link. Since link rot is rampant, we prefer answers that incorporate the knowledge in the actual answer body. Thanks for understanding!
    – Vincent
    Commented Mar 1, 2018 at 14:47
  • Cool - I'll see if that's possible as it's a fairly involved explanation as I remember it! Commented Mar 1, 2018 at 17:25

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