I would like to take an object and give it a shadow similar to the one below (in gimp). How would I go about doing something like this (note, I'm not asking about how to make the object, I'm just wondering about the shadow)? Is there a specific tool, or a set of steps I need to follow?

Shadowed text

Thanks in advance!


One method:

  • Use Layer/Text/Text to path to extract the path
  • Duplicate the path
  • Use the Move tool (in "Path" mode) to shift one of the two paths, so that one is the outline of the text on the top/front, and one the outline of the text of the bottom/back
  • Use the path-inbetweener script from here to generate intermediate paths, about one or two pixels apart
  • Set the brush to a small brush (1x1) and use the stroke-visible-paths script from the same place to stroke all the paths.

See examples here

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