In the InDesign Presets/InDesign Shortcut Sets folder under my applications, there are only PageMaker, QuarkXPress and Default shortcut sets. The set I defined and saved in InDesign is no where to be found. Is it possible that InDesign hid it for some reason?

There's also not an Adobe InDesign folder under User/Library/Preferences/ on my Mac OS Sierra system disk, as suggested in another similar question. How do I import my custom InDesign workspace to a new computer?

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  • I don't use Macs, but I know that the location differs depending on the version of Windows and the version of InDesign you are using. So, this might not be a duplicate if the previous answer was specific to a different version of the Mac OS or InDesign. However, because the response in the earlier question did work for this poster, in this case, I think it could be considered a duplicate. – magerber Feb 24 '17 at 20:41

My further reading of the first answer in the linked question leads to the discovery that using Finder’s “go to” menu function, the hidden folder Adobe InDesign under User/Library/Preferences/ can be accessed and the shortcut set .indk file is located.

How do I import my custom InDesign workspace to a new computer?

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