how do you start designing a mobile app. what is your process.

i had lot of confusion and finally it led to be frustrated about my workflow. i use sketch for designing but before coming to sketch what is the process that you follow.

like getting idea from client-working on a idea-prototype-testing-user research-then wireframe-build-test.

so when i come into sketch what are tips and tricks that a designer should follow to make life easy and make it more productive.

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I do this:

  • I write the idea down on a paper. Then brainstorm design on paper by making mockups and defining the flow of design. This gives me some basic or medium level understanding of the product.
  • Secondly I open sketch and design my hand drawn designs with grayscale layout and simple rectangles, squares and circles a digital mockup you can say. While doing this step I also make changes which I didn't though about while doing them on paper.
  • Then I clean the mockup. These are still grayscale but in this step I clean them so they start to look a gray scale mobile app or website. This is the step from where I'll start designing.
  • Finally i start the design and this si the colorful stuff. Sometimes the color requirement is from client side but sometimes you have to come up with the contrast.

Love the design and the design will love you :)

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