I am creating a multiple page file in inDesign and want to also create an overview page where every single page is represented by a tile/thumbnail on that page.

I am using batch processing to create this multiple page document and I have over 300 pages. Is there a way to automate the process of creating and adding the thumbnails?

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  • Yes export the indesign project as a pdf. Nov 3, 2016 at 15:54

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You can export the InDesign project as a PDF. Open in Acrobat and select print. Choose option to create 'Poster'. Here you can set 10x10 so you can at least have 100 pages in one 'poster' / page. Print as a PDF using AcrobatPDF in select printer option. So you'd have to this 3 times for your 300 pages in this case. Afterwards, you can stitch together these 3 x 100 pages in Illustrator, to make one huge page.. Keep a lookout for keeping things as readable as your project requires and having a computer that won't hit rock bottom RAM-wise while you do this.. Good luck.


You can export each page as a jpeg with the menu then import the jpegs back into indesign using a script.

There are a few scripts out there that do this – google "indesign contact sheet". If you're comfortable with applescript/javascript you can customize the scripts. This used to something you could do from Adobe Bridge, but it seems Adobe has discontinued it.

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