I have created a document in Indesign, saved it as a PDF (Interactive - RGB) and exported the PDF as a word document.

However after exporting as a Word Doc one of the table cells has resized. It only happens on the one table cell and isn't there on the PDF or INDD file.

How do I go about fixing this cell?

Issue is with "Domain Age" height


Word Doc

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There could be a few things going on. The white line between domain age and site map suggests to me it might not even be a table (sometimes word will interpret things like this as text boxes or shapes).

  • On the Table Layout tab, click View Gridlines to help diagnose where the issues are
  • Reset table formatting by highlighting the entire table and then, on the Table Design click Clear
  • Reset text formatting by selecting it, then pressing Ctrl + Space (to remove character-level formatting) and then Ctrl + Shift + N to remove paragraph level formatting.
  • Click around, especially on the shaded cells. Are those really cell backgrounds, or are they shapes anchored behind the cell?

PDF to Word import should always be a last resort. If someone asks me to send them an "editable" version of a file created in InDesign, I usually copy-paste the main text frame from InDesign into Word and just explain the formatting is done separately.

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