I'm trying to work with guides because I definitely see the advantage. But I'm having some issues with them snapping (and sticking) to content that I don't want them to align to.

Here's a screen cap of what I talking about.

here's the problem

I need these two columns to match in size, but the one on the right keeps snapping to the end of the word "upgrades".

I checked on Adobe's site, but their only advice for moving guides is to click and drag (or I guess you could type in the exact location you want when placing the guide in the first place).

Is there a method I can use that will allow me to be really precise with guides in Photoshop?

To clarify a bit more, I'm not trying to simply place guides an equal distance away from one another (although that will solve this particular issue) what I'm asking is for a way to nudge my guides pixel by pixel. Does this feature exist in photoshop or is my only option to click and drag?


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Click/drag a new Marquis box (to snap along the edge of a guide). Use a keyboard arrow key and click once in a direction (moves the Marquis selection one pixel). Change to the Selection Tool and click/drag your Guide to the "marching ants" Marquis box.


Look under the View menu on the top bar and look for Snap. If you uncheck this, guides will not snap.

Personally, I prefer it to snap. When dragging a guide, I hold down shift and it snaps to certain increments. When Snap is unchecked, this doesn't work and you will have to zoom in to be precise. Which is a lot slower.

In your situation, I'd move the Upgrades line out of the way, put my guide where I needed it, then reposition the text line accordingly.

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