I have a logo PSD, created in Photoshop (not in AI, not vector) with multiple layers. It is 3000px x 2244px at 300ppi. When I try to resize it to 175 x 57 at 72ppi (or even 300ppi) to put on a website, it pixelates really badly. I do this all the time with other hi-res PSDs but can't figure out what is so different about this file that it would do this.

Any idea what adjustments I need to make to layers, or how I can do this without losing so much quality?


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This is not really that important, but as Manly sayed flatten your image.

1) If it was 3000x2244 and you want it 175x57 you are totally, totally messing with the proportion. You are terribly squashing it. Check your dimensions.

2) The 300ppi and 72ppi are totally irrelevant.

without losing so much quality?

3) You are reducing your file almost 20 times, depending on the type of image, of course you are loosing a lot of information and detail.

The only thing I can recomend you is what already being sayed. Flatten your image and resample it using bicubic sharper.


Flatten the image first (Layer > Flatten Image), then resize. That might help. Either way, reducing such a large image to that small of a size is likely to lead to quality loss. This is why logos are designed as vectors.


The answers given are mostly right, but I feel obligated to point a couple things out:

1) Removed so as to not give out incorrect information. I stand corrected.

2) I'd argue that logos are designed as vectors moreso to allow small artwork to be enlarged without losing quality, as opposed to the opposite.

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    Assuming the pixel size is the same, the PPI is irrelevant. 175 x 57 pixels at 72 PPI is exactly the same as 175 x 57 pixels at 300 PPI.
    – Cai
    Nov 10, 2016 at 22:17

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