I am working on my psd in CS6/72dpi.

I went into preferences - rulers/units to change my rulers/type from rulers:inches, type:points to rulers pixels, type pixels. I am finding that when I make the shift the ruler changes from inches to pixels. Yet when I look at the character box, the font measurement goes from points to pixels, but the number stays the same (36 points now says 36 pixels.) If I am going to give my programmer measurements to follow and she prefers them in EM, when I look at a pt/px/em chart converter there is a big difference in size between 36 pixels and 36 points. What to do to give the programmer the right measurement?

  • How does that pt/px converter know how large your pixels are? Every screen's pixels are of a different size - even more so for screens that can be switched to another resolution and the screen still stay the same size! – usr2564301 Nov 10 '16 at 21:07

The em is a relative measurement, meaning the inherited font size. The em still needs a quantitative value to use as a point of reference. If you simply write font-size: 1em; in the CSS, it's telling the browser to display the font at 1x the default size for whichever browser you are using, typically (but not always) 16px.

For most cases, and in my own experience, you would use pixels in design, em in code (though usually specify a default font-size in my <body> element), and point in print.

  • Agree. It is wierd that the programmer uses EM as a starting point. – Rafael Nov 10 '16 at 21:08

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