I have a document with a few hundred pages which is just an 8up layout to print a smaller document. I was able to get the layout on all pages correct, but adding crop marks by page is going to take a while.

Is there a way to speed up this process? Ideally I guess if I could select all the objects in the document instead of the page, but perhaps I can modify the script to handle it.

And since i'm here, is there a tutorial on apple scripting you would recommend?


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I don't know what you mean or how you are even doing crop marks page by page. You mean you are manually drawing on crop marks?!

Go to File > Export and choose PDF (Print)

Click on Marks and Bleeds and set your crop marks there

They will be on every page automatically. I recommend adding an offset equal to your bleed, but that's just my (and several other designers I know) preference. It just looks nicer and keeps them out of the bleed, in case they need that for some reason.

enter image description here

If you mean you have one page with several smaller ones inside of it that need to be cut out, you could make a master page with your marks and apply that to all pages.

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