I have 2 black separated areas: what it looks like Actually the 2 black areas have a different shape and are separated by white line of constant stroke width (shown in red here): with separator shown When I put this fiuigure over a different background (not white, with text), the white line becomes visible:

on different background

PS a workaround was to retrace exported bitmap, with this result:


over background I would like to convert these 3 paths to 2 black-filled areas of which boundaries are the same as visible boundaries on the first picture. In raster graphics, this would be called "flattening", I don't know the right word for vectors.


  1. Select your black objects.
  2. Path → Combine.
  3. Select your line.
  4. Path → Stroke to Path.
  5. Make sure that your path is above your black objects (Object → Raise to Top).
  6. Select your path and your black objects.
  7. Path → Difference.
  8. If desired, Path → Break Apart.
  • Cool, I missed the "Stroke to Path" part when experimenting with this. Thanks!
    – eudoxos
    Nov 23 '16 at 10:35

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