I have a site design in cdr format.

  1. How can I divide the design into pieces in Corel Draw?
  2. Can I export cdr file in psd or other format that is useful in Photoshop?

Exporting a file to Photoshop will prevent you from editing it further in vectors. It is a little obvious but I need to mention it.

The process:

1) Define what you want as each separated layer in your project.

2) Make a new layer for it, and move the respective objects there.

3) Export all the project it as CPT. In the dialog box there is a checkbox almost at the bottom: "Keep Layers".

4) Open the generated CPT in PhotoPaint and save it as PSD file. Ready!

Some notes.

  • The most crucial point is that you define correctly the resolution when exporting to CPT. Play with the size and ppi resolution.

  • Corel will export only the "printable layers".

  • There is a chance you want to prepare also an empty rectangle with no stroke to define a canvas. For example: imagine that you have a text in the center of the page. The resulting CPT file will be only the text. If you define a canvas this way you will have a bigger file with the same proportions as your page, with the text inside.

  • Keep in mind that a vector based layer is diferent than a Photoshop layer. You can have multiple objects in each layer on Corel (A), but all of them will be merged into a single Photoshop layer (B). That is why you need to separate them in layers prior of the export. Only the printable layers will be exported (C).

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