I really like to work with floating windows in Photoshop. Especially with compositions it makes it really easy for me to quickly copy paste from different textures on a visual way (instead of trying to remember if I need to open tab metal_2834fj.jpg or metal_238p_.jpg or Untitled1 etc.

Is there a way though to have the toolbars always on top?

Right now floating documents might be partial hiding essential interface elements. It's workable, but quite annoying still.

I tried to explain myself a bit better in the image below.

enter image description here

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You got two options:

  1. Disable application frame.
    • Window > Application frame
    • If I remember correctly, Windows doesn't have this option. If so, you gotta go with option #2.
  2. Float your toolbars and panels.
    • You can do it exactly how you would float document tabs. Drag them away from the docked position and let go.

Gif of the second option: enter image description here

  • Whow. Thanks a lot Joonas, that was quite simple in the end. Never expected to get an answer for this one.
    – Dirk Boer
    Jan 30, 2017 at 12:55

Click twice on the title bar of a photo and it will be behind all bars.

The problem is that you will only have one image at a time. But all your opened images will be as tabs next to each other.

  • Hi Rafael, thanks for your answer. That last part I'm trying to avoid :) I like floating windows, becauseit gives me a visual cue to which image is what - instead of filenames like Untitled1, Untitled2, Metal3248.jpg, metal_32745.jpg etc. With tabs I'll have to remember all names.
    – Dirk Boer
    Dec 1, 2016 at 9:22

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