How can I make the horizontal ellipse (in the image on the left) appear to go through the vertical one as shown in the image on the right?

inkscape vector ptts

I want the horizontal circle to look like it goes through the vertical one. How can I make it appear so by manipulating the path (like exclude or intersection)?


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Here goes a simplified example, with 2 ellipses.

Draw your 2 ellipses, select them and convert to path (Path->Stroke to path, maybe this is not strictly necessary).

2 ellipses

Then get the horizontal (blue) ellipse, duplicate it (Ctrl-D), and offset a couple of times (Ctrl-().

Duplicate and offset

Now, draw a rectangle over the area you want to alter:

Rectangle over area of interest

Select the offset (thick) ellipse and the rectangle, and intersect both (Path->Intersection).

enter image description here

Now you want to remove this thick section from your red ellipse. Select the red ellipse and then the thick blue section, and get the difference (Path->Difference), to get the following:

Final result

Now, you can repeat the procedure for the other crossing.


Another approach:

enter image description here

  • Don't use a closed ellipse shape, but just a part of it, as selectable with the ellipse tool.
  • Transform the outline to a path in the path menue.
  • Then add a white border atound it. Have an eye on the size of the border (don't do it like I did). Half of the border will overlap the inner part of the shape, so you have to add that part upfront.

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