I have a symbol which I created and placed instances of on various artboards on Pages A and B. I created it without checking the "send to symbols page" option, so the symbol definition lives on Page A. I want to now move it to the "symbols" page. How do I do this without breaking its connection with all its instances and having to select all the instances and click "replace with symbol"?

I tried to cut the symbol definition, but I got this warning: Warning message: if you cut a symbol from this document, its instances will convert into groups.

  • Sketch Version 41 (35326)
  • Mac OS 10.11.3

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You can drag the symbol to the symbols page in the layers/pages panel.

Sketch symbol drag to symbols page

I am not aware of way to do this via keyboard shortcuts or menus. I think it has to be done via dragging.


So, in case anybody is looking for this now... they have added "send to symbols page" as an option in the right click menu. Can also be done to symbols one a time by dragging them. Note that dragging multiple symbols breaks overrides in Sketch 56.3 (and likely other versions).

Just right click on the symbol, choose "send to symbols page" :)

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