Autotrace is tracing including the bounding line in its trace. I take the trace, paste it back into photoshop using paste paths. When I do a fill, it is filling the outsides of my art, not inside the lines. So, basically, I end up with a black rectangle since the original lines are still there.

This causes other problems. In photoshop, select a black ring, then cut and paste it into Illustrator. Essentially you have a transparent background. When trace gets to close to the top, it starts tracing back along the border instead of closing the ring. So all four of the sides have a flat spot in addition to the above problem. I got by the flat sides by importing images with a white background making that border be away from my lines a little. Still it was a pain for a newbe.

So, Is there a setting or something that I am missing?

  • I posted this somewhere else. Apparently, it is a CS6 bug. Very irritating. – DKCrotty Dec 5 '16 at 17:11

Delete the encompassing rectangle in Illustrator before copying anything using the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow)... or am I missing something??

Often it's helpful to select and remove hollow paths as well (those without fill and strokes applied).

Trace is a trace, that doesn't necessarily mean art is complete and ready to use as traced. It often takes a little manual refinement to the traced artwork.


I posted this somewhere else. Apparently this is a CS6 bug.

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    Could you add a link to where you posted it? – JohnB Dec 5 '16 at 18:07

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