How can I export a grid of icons from Inkscape to a series of PNG files?

The icons are aligned correctly in a grid that define their final shape. Here is a sample of the bottom right corner:

enter image description here

I want the resulting PNG to be the size of each of those grid areas, with the actual icon correctly positioned within (the position as shown here).

I don't care so much about the name of the bits, I can rename them later. Though if there is a way to assign each a file name prior to export that'd also be great (so I can redo it later without a problem).

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For reference, this is how I do it now using ImageMagick.

  1. Export to a PNG of the right size for the desired icon size (for example, a 960x512 image for a grid of 15,8 icons of 64x64 size). This includes all icons in one image.
  2. Split them up using this command: convert ../icons.png -crop 64x64 +repage +adjoin icon-%d.png
  3. Link individual files ln -s icon-111.png cancel.png (this lets me re-export later and not lose the desired filenames)

If you plan early enough, you can put your images on individual backgrounds of the right size, and then group every icon.

Then you can select the whole area, choose Export, there Selection, and mark the option box batch export.

From the look, your current image would produce Icons of different size, since each group is as big as the minimum enclosing rectangle.

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