I'm trying to use the CC Burn Film effect in After Effect CC 2015 on two image layers, one on top of the other.

As the burn effect seems random, I can't get it to burn with the same aspect the two layers !

How could I achieve that ?


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As with any Adobe program, applying an effect to a layer is only going to affect that layer, not the layers below it.

You'll have to create a pre-comp of the two layers and then apply the effect to the pre-comp.

Select the two layers you want to combine into one composition

enter image description here

Right-click and select Pre-compose...

Click Ok

Your two layers are now combined into one composition

enter image description here

Apply your effect(s) to the Pre-comp

If you wish to edit the individual layers, double-click on the pre-comp and it will open inside the composition window, with your composed layers within.

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