I am looking for a choice of fonts where (in capitals) the horizontal lines are relatively low. For example in this Martini logo:

enter image description here

The horizontal in the A and R are way below the middle of the shape. Perhaps there is a term for this like "ground-bound" fonts or something.

Otherwise, perhaps somebody knows a list of fonts with this characteristic. Thanks.

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A lot of 'art deco' and 'arts and crafts' era typefaces will have atypically low (or high) cross bars. Use those search terms on a site like MyFonts to find a variety of options.


You're looking for a typeface with low crossbars. While that might be a difficult term to search from, you might start out by looking through those that have a small x-height. These will occasionally have low crossbars as well, to match with the height of the lowercase letters.


I think I once heard someone refer to characters with that characteristic as "top heavy", so you could try looking for that


Neutraface – from 2002, but inspired by the modernist typefaces used by architect Richard Neutra for building signage during the first half of the 20th century (Futura came from that era too.)



I would simply describe them as having low crossbars.

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