How can i recreate this effect on my images?

enter image description here

I assume, i need some kind of chromatic aberration and making the resolution worse. i came up with something like this:

enter image description here

but it's nowhere near what i want.

The effect im looking for isn't really about low resolution but just low quality and the chromatic aberration's not the same. The picture i showed as an example of what i want is 568 x 425 px so it's not that small, i don't know how to express it but it looks like it's smaller than it is cause of the way it "presents the pixelation" and i don't know how to achieve that in editing.

  • The original looks like a photo of a screen image. Not a screenshot.
    – Webster
    Commented Jan 12, 2017 at 1:40

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This is your photo as more inferiorized

enter image description here

  • overexposure added by twisting Image > Adjustments > Curves
  • old videotape or analog camera horizontal sync jitter simulated by Filter > Distort > Waves
  • simulated heavy compression by saving as JPG quality = 2, reloaded
  • heavy noise reduction effect added Filter > Noise > Noise reduction, (this reduced also exessive already added simulated chromatic aberration)

Saved and uploaded to GDCSE

The noise reduction maybe is not heavy enough - not enough smudged areas. As another answer suggested, noise can be added. This is to get more work to noise reduction.


With the image you provided, try applying curves like this which will increase all tones and blow out the highlights):

First curves command, clipping the whites

Then apply another curves command like this (which will bring many of the tones back down toward normal, but will leave the highlights clipped and will reinforce your chromatic aberration):

Second curves command, decreasing all tones

I applied a gaussian blur filter at 2 pixels followed by the unsharp mask at about 90% and a radius of 4.5 pixels.

After that, try saving as a low-quality jpeg.

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