I want to create mandalas with InkScape in a similar way described in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3wxrO_JSFs

Is there a way to copy (clone rotate) an object so that every action is duplicate to the siblings?

I'm a programmer, so scripting is an option.


You can use the rotate copies live path effect for this.

  1. select all objects you want in your mandala, then do Path > Object to path (the effect only works with paths)
  2. group the objects together (important for later editing, if you want to add more elements to the effect)
  3. Path > Path effects > + > Rotate copies
  4. Adjust parameters in the dialog
  5. Adjust center of mandala with node tool on the canvas
  6. Enter group by double-clicking to edit it further by adding and modifying its elements

Rotate copies LPE

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