Hey i'm creating a layout using photoshop. Is there a way to force layers' position/dimensions to be in whole pixels when i scale/move them. For example, lets say i scaled a layer and its width was 72.34 px and height 23.67 px i want the width and height to be automatically rounded to the next closest pixel. So 73px for the width || 24px for the height. I would like this rounding to happen to layers' x,y positions too. Is this possible to do in Photoshop?

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  • At first check the point size prefreneces, Go to Preferences > Units & Rulers > Point/Pica Size : it should be set on PostScript option.
  • Try to no scaling all layers at the same
  • There's not an option for making layers "Pixel Perfect" in photoshop, so perhaps you have to make layers pixel perfect one by one in polish process.

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