I'm trying to make a navigation bar with a dropdown menu which will contain some links like:

Menu1 | Menu2 | Menu3
sub1_1 | sub2_1 | sub3_1
sub1_2 | sub2_2 | sub3_1

So when I click Menu1 it opens a rectangle with 2 text boxes which will be links. So far I've managed to add an animation to this rectangle and make it fadeIn when Menu1 is clicked.

The problem is when I try to hide the rectangle and show the one that is under Menu2.

In short what I try to say is that if is a way of attaching multiple animations for an object but each one of them to be triggered at some click event or if there is a workaround for this.

I prefer not using multistate objects.

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If anyone is interested, I could do it by creating a new rectangle and group it with the submenu then put the fadeOut animation on the entire group.

A very important thing is to attach the event with Create button trigger option available in the Animation tab and not directly to the button - for some reason if you try to add the animation to the button from the Buttons and Forms section it's not working.

  • But this generates a problem when you try to reopen the submenu. So I've ended up using object states :)
    – sTx
    Commented Jan 19, 2017 at 8:28

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