I'm recording a video screencapturing Gimp, and there are a few different tools I use, like drawing with a pencil at a given brush size, erase at a different size, add new layer, and delete the current layer.

I've found the Configure Keyboard Shortcuts editor under the Preferences and I could configure some shortcuts, so that everything can be done using the keyboard.

Since I'm recording a video, I want to use as few key presses as possible.

For example when I'm drawing with a pencil then I want to erase, I need to select the eraser (1 keypress), then increase the size (2 keypresses). When I want to switch back, I select the pencil (1 keypress), and reset the size back (1 press to reset, 1 or 2 to increase).

Is there a way to define "composite" shortcuts, that simply press a series of shortcuts for me, so that I only need to press 1 key?

I'm using Ubuntu with Gnome3.

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No, there is not.

The closer you get in current GIMP is being able to write a plug-in, that shows up in the menus, and therefore can have a single shortcut. Some of my answers on GIMP have full instructions on how to create such plug-ins, but it is a way different procedure than just using the program.

  • Could you give me some pointers where should I look? I've tried writing a Script fu script, and I could set the brush size with the gimp-context-set-brush-size, but I was unable to change the selected tool to Pencil. Jan 21, 2017 at 18:43

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