I'm looking for a monospace font to display passwords to the user. A common problem with many fonts is that certain symbols look too similar. For example, l and 1 may be confused and the user may read off a wrong password. What are good monospace fonts with distinct symbols?

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There are quite a few unique monospace fonts to choose from that fit these requirements. Personally, I'd go with the classic OCR-A or OCR-B, as these typefaces are designed for each individual character to be optically recognizable by both computers and people:

enter image description here

Note: OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition", a good choice to use a font that is built for this type of application.

Here's another resource if this typeface doesn't work for you:
Samples of monospaced typefaces (Wikipedia)

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    Thanks, you got me on the right track. Ended up with Consolas, for now at least.
    – bkoodaa
    Jan 21, 2017 at 21:04

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