I want to make a banner which is having size od 27*10 so what will be the size in photoshop?


If your are printing the flex or banner. Never calculate that in measurement in foot. If u mention the measurement in foot that is 27 feet x 12 feet the empty file will be in 9.7 GB what you will work in such a heavy file.enter image description here

Apply this formula to make a banner is make it in inches 1 foot = 12 inch That is 27/12 = 2.25 inch and 12/12 = 1 inch

so 2.25 inch x 1 inch with 500 dpi and CYMK You can make much easier to excess.
enter image description here


enter image description here You can change the unit of measure to inches, in your case, it is 27*12 inches x 10*12 inches. Then change the resolution to be same as the printing.

300 pixels/inch is usual for magazines, but this leads to a colossal need of storage if the image is this big. Ask the right resolution from the printhouse.

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