I am trying to cut a circle shape from two layers. The top layer is the circle layer, below a yellow box and background layer black. After the circle is cutted / deleted the background layer will get a red stroke.

My work

enter image description here

Want to do like

enter image description here

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If I am understanding your question, try this:

1. Cut out shapes using Pathfinder

  1. Position your objects
  2. Select the two circles
  3. Open the Pathfinder panel (Window > Pathfinder)
  4. Group the circles (Object > Group) or click the “Unite” button (option + click to make compound shape; click “Expand” button to create a compound path)
  5. With the two circles (now one Group) selected, shift + click the background rectangle
  6. Click the Pathfinder’s “Minus Front” button

2. Bonus! Round corners

  1. Switch to the Pen Tool
  2. Hold down Command or Control on Windows
  3. Click and drag across the top of your rectangle to select the top two points
  4. Hold down Command or Control on Windows and “grab” one of the corner radius circles
  5. Drag downwards to produce a rounded corner
  6. Optionally, double click on one of the corner radius circles to get a dialog window with options:

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  • But I have 2 layers! Have to cut with the same size the yellow and black layers! I want to stroke it like the image below of mine. Just do the same like in the image.
    – karadayi
    Jan 21, 2017 at 22:03

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