The top layer has a drop shadow, but the shadow should not have any effect on the transparent area outside of the circle.


I tried using duplicating the circle and using Path-->Intersection, but that didn't clip the shadow.


Using Object-->Clip-->Set and Object-->Mask-->Set remove the shadow entirely, though there may be some setting that could allow them to work that I am unaware of.

  • Good question, but unfortunately I doubt there's a solution. Jan 24, 2017 at 11:57
  • Not even a "cheat" solution using gradients? Or maybe a specialized mask? Jan 24, 2017 at 14:43

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In Inkscape, filter effects like a drop shadow can be clipped by adding the filtered object to a group first, then clip the group.


1. Copy the green circle

  1. Copy the green circle (It will be used as the clipping mask later on) (Ctrl + c)

2. Select both objects

  1. Select both objects using the Select tool

3. Create a new group

  1. Create a new group (Object > Group, or Ctrl+g)

4. Paste the image in place

  1. Paste the image in place (Ctrl+Alt+v)

5. Add the previously created group to the selection

  1. Add the previously created group to the selection

6. Set the Clip

  1. Set the Clip (Object > Clip > Set, or right mouse menu > Set Clip)

The end result in an object in which the drop shadow has been clipped!

Adding the green circle to the group is actually optional: a group with only the white shape could also be clipped. However that could result in small render artifacts at the bottom of the object.

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