I am making a duplicate of a layer which has layer style effects (drop shadow). Next, I'm changing the angle of the drop shadow on that new layer. However, when I do that, the angle changes on the original layer as well. How can I change the copies' angle to my liking, without affecting the original layer's drop shadow angle?

I have tried copy/pasting the layer, making a duplicate, going with CTRL+J, creating a completely unrelated layer (shape, importing from another document, etc) and it was always the same, as if the drop shadow angle was a global setting.

I know that I could rasterize the original layer, and then change what I need on the copy, but I'd rather keep it as it is.

I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS 6.


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Uncheck Use Global Light in the Layer Styles Window for the Drop Shadow.

enter image description here

This allows you to set shadow angles independently of any other layers which is using the Global Light.

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