I've been using GIMP for years, but am hardly its master.

I am trying to use this photo: grayscale image

As you can see, it has a number of shades of grey as well as black. I have a particular color that I'd like to replace the black letters with and then the greys with the same color but changed to be that same value.

Is there a way to make GIMP do this for me?


Another solution is to create a gradient and use Color>Map>Gradient map. In the simplest cases, just make the foreground color the darkest color you need, keet the BG color white, and use the FG->BG gradient. With FG=#00006f:

enter image description here


Figured it out. I selected the layer with the image and clicked on Colors->Colorize... I add the HSV values for my color and BAM! it changed it like magic. Was pretty cool.

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