I want to take a black and white image and create a graffiti image out of it, as in the cover of linkin park's album "hybrid theory", and i must do this with either gimp or krita. The result will be a texture, so i don't want funky backgrounds or anything outside the graffiti in the resulting image. How could i do?


Take your picture:

Original picture

  • Colors>Desaturate
  • Colors>Brightness contrast and add a lot of contrast, adjust brightness to keep enough parts of the image dark:

Desaturation+brightness contrast

  • Layer>Mask>add layer mask, initialize with greyscale copy of layer and ticj the "invert mask" (you want the white to be transparent)
  • Alpha-lock the layer and bucket fill with required color


  • Was this gimp or krita? I’m guessing gimp but you didn’t say. – Wildcard Apr 27 '19 at 16:41

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