I'm using the bezier tool, but I forgot the 'shape' option was set to an ellipse so my drawing is just a mess. Is there any way to change the shape option AFTER I've completed the curve?


Select the path and open the XML editor (Edit -> XML Editor).

You will note that there are more attributes in your path than on a simple path with no stroke shape.

In particular, click on inkscape:path-effect and delete it (there is an icon with a red cross nearby).

Then you have the d attribute, and the inkscape:original-d attribute. The latter contains your path, while the former contains the complete shape of the stroke.

Select the inkscape:original-d attribute, copy it's value, then select the d element and replace its value with the copied path. Save this new value with the Set button.

Now delete the inkscape:original-d attribute.

You may need to set No-fill and a stroke color to see the path as a line instead of a filled-in area.

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    Inkscape has a built-in command to remove a path effect from a selection - see menu Path > Remove Path Effect. Path effects can also be deleted in the Path > Path Effects dialog.
    – su_v
    Feb 6 '17 at 3:02
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    @su_v please add your comment as an answer.
    – Juancho
    Feb 6 '17 at 3:18
  • My comment is not really another answer to the original question «Is there any way to change the shape option» - it's only a variation of the existing answer to delete the path effect manually via XML Editor. An alternative answer might explain how to change the shape (aka pattern) e.g. of the Pattern-along-Path effect (Shape 'Ellipse') or how to adjust a Powerstroke path effect (Shape 'Triangle In' or 'Triangle out').
    – su_v
    Feb 6 '17 at 5:19

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