Look at this, it is impossible to get the text to behave normally now. I want the text to be two separate lines. I press enter to get it to change line.

I guess I could make two different texts but this should work without a problem...

Photoshop CC on Mac Os X Sierra.enter image description here

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You need to fix your leading in the character panel. - for more information see the Adobe help: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/line-character-spacing.html


See image:enter image description here Go to Windows drop down menu and then character, then Set Leading Icon.


It could also be your baseline shift. Set your baseline shift to 0 after highlighting the both lines.


In this case you need to set the leading.

Step 1 is are the lines without the spacing.

Step 2: Click on the text >> Ctr A (the entire text will be selected). Then Ctr T. A panel will open. Then set the spacing according to your requirement. If you set it on auto it will set the spacing proportionately.

Check this: enter image description here

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