I have this big vector (SVG) graphic which is not to scale. I want to scale it to size. However, doing so in Inkscape applies transform-scale on the paths parent group. What I want is for the path values to be updated instead of the scale being applied to the whole group.

As an example, the element has values as such:

`M240,399.1c0,221.3,179.6,399.1,399.1,399.1s399.1-177.8,399.1-399.1S860.4,0,639.1,0  S240,179.6,240,399.1`

However, if this same path was 'to scale', it would probably be something similar to below:

M2.321,6.432 c0,0.231,1.021....etc

So, how can I scale the vector graphic in Inkscape so that the transformation is applied to the individual paths instead of the parent group.

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You can break paths out of a group in order to work with them individually. The menu option is Path->Break Apart. The shortcut is Shift-Ctrl-k

When you're done, you can re-group them (Path->Combine or Ctrl-k)

  • Thank you, I believe, that did it. I had to 'break apart' the group then scale them, then re-group.
    – Kayote
    Feb 12, 2017 at 18:47

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