when i have dragging a photo into a new document, it may be bigger or smaller in size than new created document and i have to resize the picture via ctrl + t. i seeking for a way or a shortcut to pressing and quickly image fit to document borders. is there any way? enter image description here

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Are you trying to scale the image to the document, or adjust the document to be the size of the image?

Image to Document

When you're transforming the image, grab one of the corners. Hold ALT + SHIFT while you're dragging to scale proportionally from the middle of the image.

Document to Image

The fastest way (that I know of) is to copy the image, open a new document, and under presets there's an option for "Clipboard". Then paste your image into the new document.


Open photoshop -> Create a new document. Then open the folder in which your images are placed for example in D drive. Then drag and drop the image from the folder into the psd document. This will automatically resize your image according to the canvas size.


I am the new comer in Photoshop world, same thing I have been going through which you were. I got the solution by my own, follow the steps..

  1. Create new file
  2. Open File menu.
  3. Click Place option.
  4. Select Image.
  5. Click on Place button.
  6. According scale of selected Image will fit into the frame.
how to auto fit large scale image into photoshop fram

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