Wondering if there is a way to change the way Illustrator outputs png and jpegs with the -01, -02, -03, etc. extensions. Is there a way to tell it not to do this? I use Illustrator for web design and would like to not have the extension on it.

  • At least for PNG files, the 01 suffix is in reference to the artboards, so by naming artboards there is a bit of a workaround.
    – George C
    Commented Jul 23, 2012 at 14:44

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When saving, Illustrator uses the name of your document. If you create "Untitled-1", "Untitled-2", "Untitled-3", then those are the names it will use when saving.

When you create a new document, specify a name (it's at the top of the New Document dialog, above artboard/document settings). Illustrator will then use this name for files it generates.


If you're talking about the "_##" suffix attached to slices, you must set the slice options. To do so, use the Slice Select Tool to select the slice, then go to ObjectSliceSlice Options and name it something else.

Either from within Illustrator, or within your filesystem, at some point you have to tell the program what you want the images to be called...

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