I am trying to create an action in photoshop which duplicate the selected layer and decrease its opacity 0.5 less than the selected layer.

I tried to record action but its always sets fixed opacity which was at the time of recording action.

Do anyone have idea on achieving above thing, please help me.

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    Javascript could also work here.
    – lmlmlm
    Commented Feb 24, 2017 at 6:00

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I don't think you can achieve that using Actions, your best bet is creating a Script for that. You can use purely Script for this, but if you still want to incorporate Actions into it (as the trigger), you can set the Action to use a Script after duplicating the current layer.

Open up a text editor, give it any name you want (the Script's name is the same as the filename), and paste this in:

#target photoshop

app.activeDocument.activeLayer.opacity = app.activeDocument.activeLayer.opacity / 2;

Save it as a .js or .jsx in your Scripts' folder (X:\~\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop XX\Presets\Scripts), and you can select Insert Menu Item from the Action menu to insert the script after the duplicate action.

Should look something like this.


Assuming you want a half of the previous opacity:

Go to the new layer and wipe the whole area once with a big solid eraser that has opacity=50%

The drawbacks:

  • permanet change, the opacity slider cannot take it back
  • works only for bitmap image layers

Other possiblities:

  • add a 50% grey layer mask, apply it as you remove the mask or
  • have originally a solid white layer mask, reduce the brightness of the mask 50% in the new layer

The last one is the most undestructive method and it applies also with adjustment layers

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