I'm working on a laser cutting project where I have to cut out using an RGB red line at the size of 0.001 in. I used Image trace to make an outline of the image, but I can't change the color to RGB red, or the thickness of the outline. I need it to be RGB with a 0.001 in thickness, or the laser cutter will not cut it out.

This is the image I want to make an outline of This is the outcome of the outline option in Image Trace

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    That's not an "outline" that is a series of shapes with fills. If you want strokes, you'll have to do something different.
    – Scott
    Feb 27, 2017 at 17:20

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  1. Hit CTRL+A to select your artwork.
  2. Hit SHIFT+X to swap the black fill with a black stroke.
  3. Hit F6 to open up the Color panel, set to RGB from the top arrow menu and type 255,0,0 as seen below.
  4. Hit SHIFT+F10 to open up the Stroke panel and type 0.001 in in the Weight field.
  5. Also read the answers here: What color swatch to use for cut lines?

enter image description here

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