I have a brochure that will be printed on one 11x17 sheet, then folded in half to get a "4 page" brochure (printing on front and back). Is it better to set up my InDesign document size as 11x17 or should I do letter size facing pages instead? Any pros/cons to either method? Thanks!

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I typically set up 4 8.5x11" pages as spreads - [4,1] then [2,3]. You can then print as individual pages or as spreads.

There are no absolute solid rules about this. Using individual pages or full spreads both work. It's more a matter of preference than anything else. Unless.... bleeds are a concern.... How to create a document with alternating (left and right) master pages without working in spreads?


If they will also need a web version (for the website, email, etc), its better to set up 4 pages as spreads, as @Scott mentioned, and export pages 2,3,4,1 to generate a normal flowing web version.

If setting up as 2 large sheets 11x17, not so easy to break into a web version.

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