I need to add a background colour fill to my text.

I've tried the 'Generate text background' plugin, but its not working (says depreciated)

Any clues? (js fiddle of what i need http://jsfiddle.net/J7VBV/293/)

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I don't see the need for a plugin for that:

  1. Create a text-layer (T) and set the width to auto.
  2. Then add a rectangle (R), set a background color and give the rectangle the same width & height properties as your text-layer.
  3. Then select both and align them to each other (horizontal & vertical centering) and send the rectange behind the text-layer.
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    This won't flow with the text. If you edit the text, you have to move the boxes around. If the text spans 2 lines, you have to have two boxes... Apr 30, 2018 at 23:31

Try use Sketch Dynamic Button. It's primarily for buttons, but it should work well for the thing you want to achieve. See more: https://github.com/fuggfuggfugg/sketch-dynamic-button-3.5


Dynamic Button plugin works, but from what I can see it has pretty much the same effect as:

  1. adding text T
  2. adding a rectangle R
  3. and grouping them Ctrl/CMD+G

You can then play with paragraph and resize settings to get the desired effect.


Unfortunately there is no proper way to do this in Sketch. Your best shot is to create a box and put it underneath the text with the same dimensions as your text. If you want it to flow with your text, create a symbol out of it and set the layout to one of the first three in the dropdown depending on your text orientation.

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