I am having trouble drawing a partial circle inside another circle.

The outer shape is actually a lower case "b" with a font converted to outlines, so as you can see, the circle is not perfectly round.

You can see the general idea I'm going for - I want that semicircle inside to be equidistant from all parts of the inside of the "b". If you look very closely, it's not. I just drew a circle and stretched it.

How can I do this properly?

enter image description here

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There are few steps to this, but it's pretty simple:

  • Start with your original letter shape and convert to paths
  • Use Object > Compound Path > Release to separate the paths that make up the letter
  • Select the inner shape and use Object > Path > Offset Path to create an inner circle
  • Select the new inner path and use Object > Path > Offset Path again
  • Select both inner paths and go to Object > Compound Path > Make
  • Create a suitable shape and use Pathfinder to chop away the part of the newly created shape that you don't want or delete unwanted points
  • Use Object > Compound Path > Make to recombine the original character paths

The below illustration shows the steps: enter image description here

Hope that's clear.

  • This was amazing and with it I was able to do exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!
    – MultiDev
    Commented Mar 10, 2017 at 3:52

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