I'm making images that need a whole of that image, and then a "cracked" version of that image. I've been creating the original image but then have been painstakingly dividing that image into two "halves" by adding anchor points, and drawing zig-zag lines. This is a ton of work for more detailed designs

Is there a way to "group" an image of multiple items and then just divide that in half?

example below: cracking this simple owl is easy, but cracking the boombox would be a ton of individual path manipulation. enter image description here


Best solution is to place the object into a clipping mask.

  1. Draw shape that you want the artwork to be inside of (can be any color, should be a closed shape).

enter image description here

enter image description here

  1. Select TWO objects only. Meaning your complicated shape should be grouped for this to work. The shape that you want your illustration to be within has to be on top.

enter image description here

  1. Go to object>clipping mask>make and this is what you will get! If you need to edit an object that is in a clipping mask, you have to double click the shape to edit it in isolation mode.

enter image description here

Hope this helps!

  • wow man that's wonderful! One last question if I could. On different shapes, I like to keep the thick stroke on the outside. Is there a way to have the stroke follow through the zig-zag, connected to the stroke of the rest of the object? – Jay_Jordz Mar 13 '17 at 0:17
  • Sorry, I'm not following... You want the thin blue line seen in the last step to be a stroke? If yes, you may have to double click that portion and edit it in isolation mode, then add the stroke there. If no, then I'm confused on what you're asking. – CmdZzz Mar 13 '17 at 0:21
  • I think that would work! Thanks a lot, you've saved me a ton of time (and hassle)! – Jay_Jordz Mar 13 '17 at 0:29
  • You're welcome! If you could mark the answer as correct that'd be awesome! – CmdZzz Mar 13 '17 at 0:29
  • hey man I just made a couple of my images and this cut my time in like 1/5. Just wanted to thank you again, this is a total game changer for me. You da man! – Jay_Jordz Mar 17 '17 at 3:06

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