I'm writing a program in Julia that creates SVG images. My program generates the figure on the left, and I want the same figure, but with a decreasing stroke, like the one on the right (dont mind the colour):


How can I achieve this effect? Here is the SVG image source code in case it helps:

    height="161.7875" width="97.609375"
    <path d="M38.3,131.8 Q72.25,103.9 70.44,93.44 M70.44,93.44C68.6,83.0 29.0,78.9 27.16,68.44 M27.16,68.44Q25.31,58.0 59.3,30.12"
    <circle cx ="59.3" cy="30.12" r="2"
            stroke= #000000;
            stoke-width: 1;
            fill: #000000;

  • You'll only be able to do this by scripting point creation in whatever language you're using Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 13:31

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Since you don't give details on which technology you use to create your SVG file, it's hard to advice. However, I assume you could need some javascript in order to create some sort of "brush style".
See this interesting example from https://bl.ocks.org/maelp/5913757: stroke

  • Sorry I wasn't clear enough; I'm using Julia to create my SVG files, but I will take a look at that example, thank you so much! Commented Mar 14, 2017 at 9:19

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