I am new to the world of digital art. All these years, I have used pencil and paper for my art. I am really interested in digital art. I am not into editing photographs, I want to draw and paint stuff digitally.

So, I started looking for graphic tablets. I found that Wacom has the best graphic tablets available but I am really confused about getting one.

Initially I thought Wacom Intous Draw was a good one for beginners. But I saw a lot more options which confused me. I am looking for a tablet with price below $150.

The list of tablets I found are -

  1. Wacom Intous Draw
  2. Wacom Intous Comic Pen and Touch
  3. Wacom Intous Art Pen Touch
  4. Wacom Intous Photo Pen and Touch
  5. One by Wacom
  6. Wacom Art Pen and Touch
  7. Wacom Draw Pen Tablet
  8. Wacom Bamboo One Drawing Pen Tablet

All these tablets are reasonably priced and I really don't know the difference between all these tablets. If anyone has a detailed analysis of each of these, please share it.

I also have few general doubts about the graphic tablet.

  1. Can I use any software to design my art like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc?
  2. Are all these tablets compatible with Microsoft Laptop?
  3. Does the nib of the pen stay strong without breaking? Is there any cap provided to protect it?

Please share the resources which will help me choose the best graphic tablet.

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    My Wacom came with a pen holder. The nibs are stable and strong for conventional drawing but anything will fail if sufficiently abused. – Stan Mar 20 '17 at 3:20
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    Possible duplicate of How can I determine which drawing tablet is right for me? – PieBie May 19 '17 at 7:20
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You can view specifications at Wacom's web site. Look at pressure levels, active area, and those sorts of things.

No need to repeat them here. The ones with "touch" in their name also have touch capabilities (ability to use your fingers).

Adobe tests it's software with Wacom tablets. Yes, it works in all of them. There may be some limitations based on which tablet you use though. Better tablets have more features. To be frank, the tablet is one place you do not want to cheap-out if you like the experience. With tablets you either love or hate them... if you love them, you'll want a good tablet, not a "I bought the cheapest one I could get."

Nibs are little plastic pieces which you can replace as needed. (Wacom tablets come with about 5 replacement nibs) They are hard plastic, although there are some with a spring in them to give more of a "bouncy" feel. There's no need for any "cap".

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I bought a tablet named Huion 610 PRO. I can say its very affordable and very good . It was around 70 $. Comes with 5 pen tips . Chargeable pen.

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see this: http://www.toptenreviews.com/mobile/tablets/best-graphics-tablets/

Wacom is not the only one

NIB: It tears and wears gradually, but you kill it by dropping the pen. It must be rechangeable.

I have met some models that have incredibly flabby nib in-out response and very annoying delay between the motion and the actual onscreen output.They're cheap models that were for sale in supermarkets. Wacom is NOT one of them.

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