I have the problem, that certain layers in principle are flipped after I imported from sketch.

In Sketch:

Sketch design

Outcome in Principle

Principle Outcome

What do I have to do in Sketch to prevent this from happening? I used "transform > flip horizontal" in sketch to flip those layers in the first place, so there might be a correlation here ... maybe someone has experienced this himself and has a solution.

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So I also posted this question in the principle facebook group and there the following workaround was suggested:

Just tried to recreate the problem, pretty annoying, anyhow here's how to fix it. When you flip the speech bubble group, just ungroup it and notice that the flip option is no longer hi lighted. And then import.

enter image description here

Gabriel Dorin

Thanks for your help, Gabriel!

On Principle's official Twitter it was stated that this problem will be examined more closely and hopefully eventually fixed.


I try to draw a "same" pic as beautiful as yours, But I failed :)

enter image description here Actually, You can copy the "Mama" pop shape first. (be careful, don't group pop shape and text, that's the key.)

enter image description here Second flip it. (without a text group)

enter image description here Third, type your text.

enter image description here Finished! View in Principleapp.

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