I'm using the guidelines for social media images, but I notice that I have to take into account some borders and so on. What is standard bleed for online images? 5px, 10px?

Guide is here:


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    Bleed is a print-only requirement, nothing to do with web work.
    – Lucian
    Mar 27, 2017 at 9:50

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None. Bleed is exclusively needed for print work. It is needed for inconsistencies in trimming so that you don't see paper edges when the artwork is trimmed.

See How can I determine how much bleed to use?

The Facebook image size guides you're reading have a range of sizes with different base sizes to the sizes they're shown at because the same image is used in a number of places at different sizes (those sizes change on a regular basis too) and are cropped in various ways; but that has nothing to do with "bleed".

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